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The Rebecca Challenge Quilt

Margaret A. Rowe

The Rebecca Challenge Quilt


The five friends, Ann, Cat, Amelia, Chris and Jane, return to delight readers again in this sixth installment of the Australian Challenge Quilt Series. It's the perfect year to look at the history of commemorative quilts as the Glenvale Patchwork and Quilting Guild celebrates its 25th anniversary. With the challenge set to make quilts that observe or memorialise an event that means something to them personally, the women have a wider range of options than in previous years. Some focus on the centenary of World War One, while others focus on family events. Amelia finds herself deeply involved in discovering her ancestry, where a dark secret lurks. It has her reflecting on her heritage in a way she never expected. Ann is more focused on family as her sister continues to be haunted by her past until a dreadful accident forces her to appreciate what she has. Jane wants to find a way to honour every single Australian who died during the Gallipoli Campaign. Their personal journeys are all intertwined as they continue to help and support each other, with quilt-making binding them all.

Paperback 256 pages, published 2016
ISBN 978 0 995364-4-0-0

Also available as ePub

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