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The Glenvale Challenge Quilt

Margaret A. Rowe

The Glenvale Challenge Quilt


The Glenvale Patchwork and Quilting Guild is facing homelessness and Jane Campbell, long time president of the guild, feels responsible. Could this be the end of the friendships, the monthly gatherings and the annual challenge?
With the pending crisis still secret, guild members are given their quilt challenge for the year based on the uniquely Australian Wagga quilt. Born from necessity and resourcefulness, the Wagga style is the inspiration for the Glenvale Challenge Quilt, which will take members outside their comfort zone and beyond their usual decorative quilts to something much more utilitarian. The challenge is on!
To learn more about Waggas, Cat, Ann, Isabel, Chris and Amelia take a road trip to a small town in New South Wales to visit the Pioneer Women's Hut, a unique museum with an extensive and unusual quilt collection.
Throughout the year the spirit of the Wagga reflects the changes they face as the fabric of their lives is torn apart. Dealing with isolation, grief and uncertainty, their friendships are put to the test. Ultimately they must say goodbye to one they love dearly...

Paperback 256 pages, published 2014
ISBN 978 0 9872947-7-7

Also available as ePub

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