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The Caroline Challenge Quilt

Margaret A. Rowe

The Caroline Challenge Quilt


Everything is changing, whether the quiltmakers want it to or not. Nothing stays the same as the group of friends continues to take up the challenges presented by the Glenvale Patchwork and Quilters Guild. Isabel makes some changes in her life by choice, but the others are presented with difficult times as they learn to cope with new phases and forced adjustments to their lives. Their president, Jane Campbell has to deal with the biggest change of them all. But what does any of this have to do with squatters and shipwrecks? As the Australian Challenge Quilt Series continues with The Caroline Challenge Quilt the five friends learn more about their Australian history, taking their lessons of the past to find ways of managing in the present. A warm story in which the value of friendship is cherished.

Paperback 224 pages, published 2010
ISBN 978 0 646 54407 6

eBook also available

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