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The Amelia Challenge Quilt eBook

Margaret A. Rowe

The Amelia Challenge Quilt eBook


***This is a digital copy of this book***

Amelia reveals where to find inspiration enough to fill the soul when she presents the ladies of the Glenvale Patchwork and Quilting Guild with their annual quilt challenge. She encourages them to look back into their own past, to rediscover what made their hearts sing and why. Chris, however, is deeply involved with the present as she struggles with the pains of motherhood, pushing her husband away in the process.  Ann is also alienated by Chris, but finds her life taking a completely new turn when a ghost from the past suddenly appears. Cat feels disconnected on many levels, compounded by her friends travelling to distant places while she stays at home, alone. Isabel is not immune to the emotional roller-coaster of life either. Is it Amelia’s challenge that changes their friendships forever, or would it have happened anyway?

eBook 232 pages, published 2013
ISBN 978 0 9872947 5 3 

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